#30 Canada: Canadian Rockies

My parents decided to send me another postcard from their Canada trip. Doesn't it look great? I wish I could go there one day, it's definitely on my list of places to visit!


#29 USA: Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

My Sparkfriend Barbara helped me cross another state off my list by sending me this postcard from Wyoming. Thanks for your help, Barbara!


#28 Germany: Lake Constance, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Sabine from Baden-Wuerttemberg sent me this beautiful postcard through Postcrossing. She lives close to Lake Constance and it doesn't take too long for her to get to Switzerland and Austria either!


#27 USA: Yellowstone Valley, Montana

My SparkPeople friend Barbara sent me another postcard from her travels. She picked this one up in Montana and it shows Yellowstone Valley, which is just north of Yellowstone National Park. I'd love to visit one day!


#26 Taiwan

Yen-Chiu from Taiwan sent me this colorful postcard from Taiwan via Postcrossing. The card shows the decorations on the roof of his local temple. Doesn't it look great?! And check out the beautiful stamps on his postcard! My favorite is the one with the pink flowers... :)


#25 USA: Minneapolis, Minnesota

I received another postcard from my friend Barbara through SparkPeople the other day. She was so nice to think of me while she was traveling and picked this card up at the Minneapolis airport for me. This way, I get to cross another US state off my list. Thanks Barbara!


#24 Belarus: Minsk

A few days ago I got to cross another country off my list as Irina from Belarus sent me this postcard via Postcrossing. It shows a lovely view of Minsk and she even put a cute stamp on it!


#23 France: Nevers

Nenette from France sent me this postcard showing her hometown of Nevers via Postcrossing. She also chose a great stamp for it - isn't the dog cute?!


#22 USA: Tonto National Forest, Arizona

Thanks to Postcrosser Linda from Yuma, Arizona, I get to cross another US state off my list! This beautiful card shows Tonto National Forest during a summer storm. Don't you just love the colors?!
Linda also did great choosing stamps, I especially love the one with the green car about going green by sharing rides!


#21 Germany: Bremen - and an additional goal for my postcard project

After receiving my third postcard from Germany the other day, I've decided to add another goal to my postcard project. Previously, my goals were to a) collect a postcard from every country in the world and b) also collect postcards from all of the 50 states of the US. I've now added a third goal: to collect postcards from all of the 16 states (or Bundesländer as they are called in German) that make up Germany.

Cornelia from Bremen sent me this postcard through Postcrossing. Bremen is one of three cities in Germany that is both a city and a state. I recently visited Bremen as it is not too far from Hamburg and really enjoyed my stay there. It's definitely worth a visit! Cornelia also put a cute stamp on the card, enjoy!